Helping America's Most Vulnerable

Veterans and Their Families

Serving the men and women who served us

Helping to bring our Veterans All the Way Home™

Nearly 154,000 veterans are homeless on any given night and twice as many experience homelessness during a year. Even here in Northern New England hundreds of veterans — hometown heroes who served their country — are being served at food pantries, living in shelters, under bridges, in encampments.

Due to the changing nature of modern military service, the challenges Veterans face today can be overwhelming.

The good news is that Volunteers of America is on the job — offering a wide range of proven services to help veterans overcome physical and mental traumas and reestablish their lives in the community.

to contact us, please call Brian Bouthot at 207-229-8306

"I do feel like this place here probably saved my life. Even when I have a nightmare in the middle of the night, there's a door I can knock on where there's somebody I can talk to." – Jason Longo, Gulf War Veteran and resident of the Arthur B. Huot House

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 Since 2001, we have been serving homeless veterans with:

  • Outreach to veterans living in shelters and on the streets
  • Safe, supportive housing
  • Transition services
  • Career counseling to help veterans ready themselves for employment
  • Access to health, behavioral and substance abuse services
  • Gender specific, cognitive-behavioral programming and support 

We're committed to ending homelessness for the men and women of our region who served their county — and to helping all our veterans come "all the way home."