Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)

VOA recognizes that these are difficult and uncertain times. Some individuals may find themselves in circumstances beyond their control, such as an unsafe place to stay or perhaps you find yourself without a place to live. VOA is here to offer hope and help by connecting Youth and Young Adults (YYA), ages 18-24 in these situations with an opportunity to take control of their life and circumstances by becoming the recipient of a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) that can be used to find a safe, affordable place to call their own. Serving all of Maine.

Requirements of Homeless Youth Support Services Program

Individuals need a birth certificate, ID (state, license, or passport), and a social security card for all members of the household.

homeless youth support services

Qualifying relationship to head of household is classified as the following:

  • Spouse, legally married to the head of household.
  • Co-head, individual who is equally responsible for the lease with the head of the household but is not married to head of household (PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE HOUSING VOUCHER WILL BE GIVEN)
  • “OTHER ADULT” family member, other than the head, spouse, or co-head who is 18 years of age or older.
  • LIVE IN AIDE, a person who 1) is determined to be essential to the care and well-being of a household member, 2) is not obligated for the support of the household member, and 3) would not be living in the unit except to provide the necessary supportive services. Must be approved by Mainehousing.

No previous evictions (EXCEPTION, consideration will be given if you have proof of payment plan for prior evictions).

You must report ALL sources of income for yourself or any member of your household. (You do NOT have to have income; however, you must report any and all income).

Consent to Criminal Background Check.

Proof of eligibility to be lawfully withing the U.S. (you and all members of your household).

Consent and willingness to work with a VOA YYA TEAM.

Federally funded programs prohibit the use of illegal drugs including medical marijuana which is still illegal under federal law.

If you need immediate assistance, please call Jessica at (207) 355-5829.

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