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  • We Received Our First Engraved Brick!

    Our Memorial Brick Campaign has launched cherished memories

    Our Cabin in the Woods brick campaign is underway and we couldn't be more thrilled! Today, the first brick arrived from the engravers for our approval. Appropriately, the engravers chose a Vietnam Vet's brick to send along. Once we sign off, the rest of our order will be engraved and shipped to us in the coming couple of weeks.

  • Starting Again

    O God, Great Mystery of Life, we welcome spring as nature calls forth a new season. The cold, dark, winter will now gradually leave us and the sights and signs of nature's brilliant return of fresh new life will come. May we be grateful for the down time; the time to withdraw; retreat; have a time of dormancy.

  • Inspired by a box of lunchbags

    Teamwork and a Great Idea Made for a Big Day, and 60+ lunches

    Years ago, Cross Insurance donated insulated nylon lunch bags to us for Camp POSTCARD. We distributed them to the campers and the rest (about 60) were put into storage. In the process of spring cleaning, we recently came across the box. One of our IT folks, Christine Magee, got an idea.

  • God of the First Step

    prayer for our week

    O God, we welcome a new day with trust. As we pick up the responsibilities and joys of another day we remember how fortunate we are to receive the gift of life. May we embrace the gifts of life with wholehearted gratitude.

  • God of New Things

    prayer for our week

    O God we are grateful to greet the sunshine of a new day that offers us a fresh new beginning.

  • Chaplain Al's Video Podcasts

    Ministry Moments from Our Chaplain Al Boyce

    Our Co-Founder Maud and Our Roots

  • Our Founders, Our History

    Maud was a fearless champion of Womens' Rights

    In 1882, when she was 17, Maud Elizabeth Charlesworth was speaking to crowds as a devout member of the Salvation Army. In Geneva, while speaking on behalf of "White Slaves," young women entrapped and exploited for factory work and prostitution, she was arrested.

  • What Calls You To Ministry?

    a conversation with some of our Ministry Team members

    Curious to know what draws some of our staff to Ministry, we asked and they answered.

  • Others

    prayer for week of Feb 27

    As we open our eyes to begin a new day, O God, gratitude abounds. For those who loved and held us until we could walk on our own, we remember and we feel loved.

  • Rev Al's Chaplain's Moments

    inspirations from our Chaplain

    video inspirations from our Chaplain