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  • Cabin in the Woods Groundbreaking: A Great Day

    Celebrating Years of Work on a Perfect Day

    It was finally Friday, May 19, the day before Armed Services Day. It was the day for our Groundbreaking Celebration for Cabin in the Woods. The weather was perfect

  • Prayer for Mothering

    prayer for our week

    O God, we all need a mother's love in our lives. Sometimes that love comes from a mother (birth mother, foster mother, step mother, adoptive mother). Sometimes the love comes from another mothering figure...a grandmother, a sister, a mentor, a friend.

  • Yelp Helps Again and Again!

    Fay Garman House, May 2017

    Yelp does it again and again! Here are some wonderful words from Amanda, a championship Yelper, talking about their day on Peaks Island. "What an amazing day in the misty fog! The Gods must have known we were there to work and not get drenched because the downpour literally started as we were boarding the ferry back to Portland.

  • A Week Away!

    Michael Coon and Bill Browning of our External Relations team proudly held up a banner today in Chelsea at the site of our new project, Cabin in the Woods which will provide permanent housing for veterans and their families.

  • Washington Academy Announces Camp POSTCARD is a Winner

    Students choose Camp for JMG charity award

    In February, we were honored to be invited to participate in Washington Academy's Jobs for Maine Grads "Jumpstart Our Youth" grant competition.

  • Scenes from our National Conference 2017

    Our Leadership Travels to Texas

    Scenes from the National Conference held this year in Dallas Texas:

  • Just the Way we Are

    prayer for our week

    O God, you know our heart; our weakness; our good intentions; our determinations and those times when we just want to pull the covers over our head and not face the week ahead.

  • Life is a Gift

    prayer for our week

    O God, great Mystery of Life and Universe, we bow in humble awareness that life is truly a gift. Remind us today that gratitude should be our daily prayer. For another day behind us we are grateful for time well lived. For the clean slate of another week ahead we offer it in service and care.

  • Cabin in the Woods Construction Underway

    Crews are "So happy to be part of this project."

    On the last Sunday in April, the grounds of Togus were quiet. So quiet, in fact, that you could hear at least six species of birds calling, competing with spring peepers. The land is easy walking distance to Togus, yet feels a world away from the acres of brick buildings and parking lots.

  • A Brick for her Grandfather

    honoring her grandfather, Jerome Fernand Coulombe

    Christine Magee is half of our​ IT Department, and spends lots of time in her car driving to our 30 programs around Maine and New Hampshire, coming to the rescue when our computers outsmart us or don't do what we want them to do.