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  • Our Neighbors

    prayer for the week of August 14

    O God, as we begin another week focused on our families, our work and the week ahead we pause to remember our nation. With growing intolerance, prejudice and hate gripping our country, O God, call us back to loving our neighbor as ourselves.

  • Parish House in Bar Harbor

    Our newest behavioral health program

    The Parish House Apartments in Bar Harbor creates 6 one-bedroom units of permanent supportive housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The project is located in a renovated historic building at 27 Kennebec Street in the heart of downtown Bar Harbor, Maine and its many amenities. We are proud to partner with Local Solutions and Community Housing of Maine on this project.

  • Assume Innocence

    prayer for our week by Reverend Al Boyce

    O God, with goodness all around us exemplified by loving families, friends and co-workers we begin this week desiring healthy attitudes and loving relationships.

  • God's Love Expressed in Action

    prayer for our week by Reverend Al Boyce

    O God, we know that talk is easier than action. As a new week begins to unfold we pause to remember good deeds and dedicated lives can change the world, one person at a time.

  • Divine Sunlight

    prayer for our week

    O God of nature and new days we lift our hearts with joy as we greet the sun of a new day. For the warmth, nourishment, and beauty that sunshine provides we welcome and bask in its presence as we embrace the newness of another week.

  • Beauty in Routine

    prayer for the week of July 17

    O God, we begin this fresh week conscious of the daily expectations and responsibilities each of us holds. We begin the week aware that routine is part of life. We begin this week asking that our eyes be open to the beauty found in family and work responsibilities and the steady balance of daily routine.

  • Growing More Than Vegetables in the Waldo County Garden Project

    With a projected 2017 harvest of 100,000 pounds, Reentry Residents who work at the farm have lots to be proud of.

    Our Reentry Programs offer offenders who are serving the last months of their sentence a chance to learn interpersonal and employment skills, engage in community service, take personal enrichment classes and work within a transitional model of creating a life post-incarceration.

  • Transforming Conflict, Preserving Relationships

    Community Mediation Services Program is "Life Changing"

    Over the past year, a Maine farm family has been having trouble communicating and tension has developed in their relationships as they work to bring the next generation into the business side of the farm. Read about how Community Mediation Services helped this farm family navigate the complex maze of family business and personal decision making, and learn about other programs and services CMS offers by clicking here.

  • Michael Coon on Positively Maine

    all about Volunteerism

    Michael Coon, Vice President of External Relations, was interviewed by Tory Ryden for Positively Maine‚Äč, her Good News Radio show on WGAN.

  • We Rise

    prayer for the week of July 3

    O Great Mystery of Life and Giver of all things good, we enter this 4th of July week remembering the capacity of great good in the midst of struggle. As we recall our forefathers and how they face the call to Freedom with courage and resolve, we are reminded that the same human capacity dwells within us.