YHDP Landlords

By partnering with VOA, you have the unique opportunity to change the lives of YYA in Maine. These YYA need housing that will help them get stable and have a chance to gain valuable life experience, pursue job training, and/or education opportunities without worrying about finding a safe place to lay their heads each night.

VOA cares as much about our relationship with our landlords as we do our clients. We need everyone to make our program work. Here are some benefits from being that partner.

Signing Bonus:

There is a $750 Signing Bonus for every unit newly leased to a YYA using a Housing Choice Voucher. (For example, if you lease to Sarah, you receive a $750 signing bonus when she moves in. When Sarah moves out, and you re-rent to another YYA with a housing voucher, you would receive another $750 signing bonus).

Eliminate advertising costs:

Working with our program gives you access to a pool of ready-to-rent tenants. Just call when you have a vacant unit, and we’ll immediately match you up with a YYA adult that is looking for housing.

Guaranteed rent payments:

Our clients are pre-screened and have already received a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV). With a HCV, the Landlord receives a direct payment for rent from Maine Housing.

Landlord Repair Grant Program:

All units will need to be inspected by a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) surveyor. If a unit does not pass inspection, there is a Landlord Repair Grant Program available to assist with up to $5,000 per year to help landlords make repairs to correct discrepancies.

Damage Reimbursement Grant Program:

If a YYA were to damage a unit, the Landlord may qualify for up to $1500 for physical repairs to the property, above and beyond normal wear and tear defined by ME state law, and the cost to fix damages is greater than the security deposit collected.

Problem prevention through regular home visits:

VOA housing Coordinators conduct regular home visits to ensure that clients (YYA) are stabilized in their new environments, their jobs are going well, and that they are getting the support they need. Regular follow-up with clients (YYA) allows us to identify and address concerns early before they become irreparable.

Support to mediate problems:

YYA in the program receive ongoing housing supportive services for up to two years. The goal of providing this support is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that problems are resolved quickly and impartially. We are there to facilitate productive collaboration between the landlord and tenant.

“Smart” renters:

The YYA will receive training on such topics as personal budgeting, understanding rental agreements, housekeeping, general apartment maintenance, and being a good neighbor, etc.

Satisfaction from helping others:

Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live, especially our youth. By partnering with us, you can change lives and make a positive impact in our community. “Maine, the way life should be!”

If you are interested in partnering with VOA, please email YHDP@voanne.org.

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