YHDP Community Partners

What is VOA’s Role with YHDP?

VOA’s Housing Coordination team will work closely with each YYA to assist them in identifying housing that is safe and affordable and help them work through all required documentation. Our team will further assist each YYA with developmentally appropriate social services and case management to help them navigate any barriers and/or challenges that evolve in maintaining housing stability. This can include pairing YYA with resources for education, health care, employment, employment training, budgeting education, and development of household management skills. VOA’s YYA team includes two case managers and a youth ambassador to help YYA participants develop appropriate skills to access and maintain stable housing.

Who Qualifies for this Program?

Youth between the ages of 18 years and 24 years old experiencing imminent homelessness or fleeing domestic violence.

Program Requirements:

Identification: Birth certificate or passport, State ID, and Social Security Card is required for the head of household and ALL members of household. Please note: only ONE housing voucher will be given.

Consent to Criminal background check.

Proof of eligibility to be lawfully within the U.S. (you and all members of your household).

Consent and willingness to work with a VOA YHDP Team.

Federally funded programs prohibit the use of illegal drugs including medical marijuana which is still illegal under federal law.

Relationship to Head of Household:

“Spouse” – an individual who is equally responsible for the lease with the head of household and is legally married to the Head of Household.

“Co-head” – an individual who is equally responsible for the lease with the head of household, but is not a spouse.

“Other Adult” – a family member, other than the head, spouse, or co-head, who is 18 years of age or older.

“Live-in aide” – a person who: (1) is determined to be essential to the care and well-being of a household member, (2) is not obligated for the support of the household member, and (3) would not be living in the unit except to provide the necessary supportive services.

MaineHousing must approve a live-in aide if needed as a reasonable accommodation. No previous evictions allowed. (EXCEPTION: consideration will be given if you have proof of payment plan for prior evictions).

You must report ALL sources of income for yourself or any member of your household. (this includes but is not limited to SSI benefits, SSDI, Child Support, TANF, etc.). Please note: Lack of an income source does not disqualify applicants from this program.

Once the application has been filled out a case manager will contact the YYA to help walk them through the process of finding safe, affordable housing.

If you know a youth or young adult that is experiencing literal or imminent homelessness, or fleeing domestic violence please contact VOA for assistance.

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