Veterans Services

Investing in the health and well-being of Maine veterans could not be done without the support, involvement, and enthusiasm of the sponsors below!

Helping to bring our veterans All the Way Home™

At Volunteers of America Northern New England, we have made it a focus to help veterans. Assessing the needs in our community, Volunteers of America has recognized the number of veterans and their families who have faced homelessness and hard times. Through our veterans’ programs and our partnerships with other veteran-serving organizations across Maine, Volunteers of America connects veterans and their families with services and assistance to meet each individual’s specific needs. If you need immediate assistance, please call Brian Bouthot at (207) 229-8306.

Since 2001, we have been serving homeless veterans with:

We’re committed to ending homelessness for the men and women of our region who served their country — and to helping all our veterans come “all the way home.”

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