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Breaking the Pain of Addiction With Twilight Drive Recovery House Services

Recovery is a journey, and Twilight Drive Recovery House is a step along that path to personal freedom from addiction. It is a lifelong process with a beginning but no end. Join us as we travel the road of recovery. Learn from us as we learn from you. Recovery as individuals only succeeds when we work together. For more information, please call 207-289-6520. 

Addiction either directly or indirectly touches the lives of nearly every person living in the US. It tears apart families and friendships. Ruins lives and impacts the economy. It is a powerful force of negative energy that only knows destruction and loss. The statistics are too heartbreaking to list.

Yet it is not hopeless. At VOA Northern New England, there are countless individuals who work every day to provide recovery services, helping those afflicted with this horrible disease to find a new way of living. One without drugs or alcohol. A life of freedom from the bondage of addiction. Those of us who live this new way of life and strive to help others call this recovery.

Twilight Drive Recovery House

True healing begins with a warm and welcoming home

Twilight Drive Recovery House is the home where hope lives for men making the difficult journey towards sobriety and who historically have little community support. These are men committed to taking their lives back, who are working on ways to improve their lives and those around them. They are our sons, brothers, fathers and husbands – trying to help themselves and rebuild broken family ties.

Volunteers of America’s Twilight Drive Recovery House is for those yearning for change. Here, they have a safe and caring option for substance use disorder treatment. Utilizing a peer recovery-based support model, Volunteers of America is committed to helping these men get a chance at a better life.

Addiction is on the rise in Maine, and the Coronavirus Pandemic is only adding to this growing crisis. Yet, only 20% of people with a substance use disorder seek treatment. Twilight Recovery House is helping increase that percentage by providing access to a safe and supportive home.

Located in Scarborough, Twilight Drive Recovery House is a Level III Recovery Residence providing temporary housing to men with a history of chronic drug and alcohol use.

Twilight Drive Recovery House welcomes men on all pathways of recovery who want to maintain their sobriety. Twilight Drive Recovery House provides a sober and supportive peer-to-peer community where men can transition away from substance use disorder and develop meaningful and independent lives.

What we offer

  • Quiet country setting
  • Six bedrooms / three bathrooms
  • Limited transportation available
  • Free on-site laundry
  • All utilities included
  • Off street parking available
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Cable and high speed internet
  • House computer expected
  • Limited storage

What we expect

  • Zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy
  • Work / school requirement within three weeks of entry
  • Required to attend two house meetings and four outside meetings per week
  • Required house chores and maintain a clean living area
  • Rent
    • Move in fee – $150
    • Double Occupancy – $875
    • Single Occupancy – $1050

For more information, please email 

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