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Breaking the Pain of Addiction
With the Power of Recovery

Recovery is a journey, and Twilight Drive Recovery House is only a step along that path to personal freedom from addiction. It is a lifelong process with a beginning but no end. Join us as we travel the road of recovery. Learn from us as we learn from you. Recovery as individuals only succeeds when we work together.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Recovery as:

Recovery - Noun

  1. The act or process of becoming healthy after an illness or injury: the act or process of recovering
  2. The act or process of returning to a normal state after a period of difficulty
  3. The return of something that has been lost, stolen, etc

The dictionary definition above is precisely what we do here in order to help the men staying at Twilight Recovery House to achieve sobriety.

  1. After the years of abuse, we help them to repair not only the body which suffers greatly in addiction. We also work with them to heal the mind and spirit as well.
  2. A sober living house is not the end but rather the start. We help these young men to learn how to live responsibly so that they may return to a normal productive life.
  3. This is probably the greatest gift of all. When the mind and body are healed, the family and social relationships are able to start the healing process as well.

Addiction either directly or indirectly touches the lives of nearly every person living in the US. It tears apart families and friendships. Ruins lives and impacts the economy. It is a powerful force of negative energy that only knows destruction and loss. The statistics are too heartbreaking to list.

Yet it is not hopeless. There are countless individuals who work every day to help those afflicted with this horrible disease to find a new way of living. One without drugs or alcohol. A life of freedom from the bondage of addiction. Those of us who live this new way of life and strive to help others call this recovery.

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