Richard Brown House

Winter has arrived, as we must all be aware. It is harder to grapple with New England winters as one ages and respiratory and other illnesses have to be fought off. Nonetheless, coughs and viruses notwithstanding, it has continued to be busy at Richard Brown House as the year comes to an end. A few days before Thanksgiving, the entire fifth grade of Loudon Elementary School made a second annual visit as part of their Community Service. The students walked from the school with a police escort, thankfully on one of the warmer sunny days of November, and spent an hour of fun playing bingo using the antique bingo machine and cards donated by the Legion. Popcorn was served to snack on and the hour flew by. It is enlivening to have such youthful energy enter the


building, even for a short time, and residents were gratified that some students thanked them for allowing them to come. As November drew to a close, several residents were appreciative of the Thanksgiving meal provided by Salvation Army worker Nikki Holtgrave and volunteers. The gazebo so kindly provided by Home Depot has now been given a complete festive makeover, as manager Lucie Bilodeau arranged for it to be decorated with Christmas lights. It is lovely to see on a dark afternoon. If anyone does drive round to take a peek at our new “gift of light,” please drive carefully in case there are residents, or visitors walking in the car park.

Residents continue to benefit from the outreach from members of the Faith Community Bible Church. Rebekah Allen and Krisztian Davis and family spearheaded a Carol Sing-along last weekend, which was much enjoyed by residents and members of the congregation of all ages. Krisztian led the music playing the organ. During the rest of the month other volunteers returned with


craft activities: Jennifer Pickard, Wellness Ambassador from RiteAid, led a Gingerbread House making session which provided very focused fun, and MJ Bunyon and Kevin Leblanc will come again just before Christmas. Some members of Boy Scout Troop 247 boys and family members, led by Lee Laughlin, came one evening for a Meet and Greet, providing festive holiday snacks and optional board games. And back by popular demand, the Home Depot band, “The Solutions” are providing a holiday concert, preceded by residents offering a potluck supper. Staff and residents remain deeply appreciative of all the gifts, personal and material, which have been received in the past year, reaffirming connections between the wider community and Richard Brown House.

It is hoped there might be more students looking for opportunities for community service who will be in touch during 2018 and anyone interested in volunteering is welcome to contact either Lucie Bilodeau, manager, or Lois Scribner, Service Coordinator, at 798-3190. Good wishes for a Happy New Year to all.