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The ministry of Volunteers of America Northern New England emphasizes spiritual exploration, the loving care of others, and a voice of reform against systemic oppressions.

A national poll indicates that Maine is the number one state in the nation under the category of Spiritual but not Religious. This unique status exemplifies independence, free thinking and an honoring of individuality in the area of spiritual expression. Here at Volunteers of America Northern New England we value the spiritual path of all our staff and residents. Our goal is always to meet people where they are and encourage unique spiritual expression as well as providing avenues of sharing community programming that is relevant, authentic and meaningful for everyone. Our organization does not proselytize or attempt to convert any person to a particular faith or creed.

Volunteers of America, as a church, has its historical roots in the Christian faith and many of our staff and residents share that expression of spirituality. Yet, we fully honor the many paths of spirituality, often as varied as individuals themselves. We value the inherent worth and dignity of all persons, the right of conscience, and the freedom to search individually or in community truth, meaning, and purpose. Our goals as a Ministry Team is to encourage spiritual exploration and expression. We also seek to offer programming that provides opportunities for those

personal expressions while encouraging deeds that help the disenfranchised, the poor, elderly and so many others who feel they have no voice and who are suffering.

Why is spiritual expression important to a housing and social services organization? Simply put, research shows that those who have a spiritual path of some type, research shows, are happier and all around more content in their lives. Additionally, our experience has taught us that for many persons faith and spirituality is a foundation for well-being and healing. While we seek to not infer or dictate a particular path, we do encourage all to ponder the question of spirituality because we want everyone to live full and meaningful lives. So, we offer a spectrum of programming (reviewed below).

Further, the VOA Ministry Team engages in the legislative process to address and advocate for the needs of the broader community (elderly, children, addiction community, reentry from prisons, etc.). Our Lead Chaplain, Rev. Al Boyce, serves on the Board of the Maine Council of Churches, National Moral Injury Advisory Board, Chaplaincy Institute of Maine Board of Directors and the National Church Governing Board of Volunteers of America.

Rev. Al Boyce and all members of the Ministry Team remain available to discuss our efforts and brainstorm how you might find avenues to express your moral voice while exploring your individual spiritual path.

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