You Helped Jeannette Find a Place to Call Home

Growing older was bringing on new challenges for Jeannette. Now retired and living alone, she wanted to find a place where she could remain independent. She did not want to live with her children.

After discovering that she qualified for affordable senior housing, Jeannette began her search, envisioning a place like home — welcoming, safe, and clean. "I had lived in two other places before,” she says. “The first one felt more like an institution than a home. The location was inconvenient, and there were no buses on the weekend.”

It wasn’t until Jeannette visited friends at Volunteers of America’s Bayview senior housing apartments in Portland  that she realized what living at this stage of life could really mean.

“I immediately liked it,” she says. “Everyone was so friendly, and it felt more like a home. I call this ‘my mansion on the hill,’ like in that old song. It gives you peace of mind. And my children know that I love it here, and they are happy, too. They don’t have to worry about me being cared for or getting what I need. Everyone here is part of my extended family.”