View a Sample Apartment

Over time, many seniors find that living in a house in Northern New England becomes a challenge -- especially during the wintertime.

At Volunteers of America, we're committed to helping seniors at any stage of life find a place to call home, where they can feel safe, warm, and secure -- with caring professionals nearby who'll help when it's needed.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to take a tour of one of our facilities to see an apartment for yourself.  We have residents who will show you their apartments so you can get an idea of how light and comfortable they are and how differently they are decorated from resident to resident. 

What residents say about our houses:

"I particularly appreciate the friendly, caring, and helpful staff who have been extremely accommodating in so many ways. They offer a variety of activities, fun, and plenty of outside resources to meet everyone’s necessities."
— R.P., Miller House resident

"After looking at their building, it was clear that the Reynolds House was where I wanted to live. The building was clean, the atmosphere was very inviting, and I was able to have my dog."
— J.C., Edward J. Reynolds House resident

"Living at the Garman House mirrors the gracious communal spirit that makes Peaks Island unique. My retirement is one of self-discovery instead of hardship. I am blessed to be part of this community and to have the peace of mind to enjoy it.”
— A.G., Fay Garman House resident

The apartments at our affordable senior housing communities are quite similar to one another, yet easily adaptable to  individual decorating ideas. 

Each of our buildings has a pleasant and welcoming foyer and a large community room with a community kitchen. 


Our apartments feature versatile open floor plans with a living room, a kitchen, one or two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

We take great pride in the quality, design, construction, appearance and maintenance of our properties.  

The hallways outside our apartments are pleasant and well lit. Handrails offer support where needed. 

Living rooms are bright and spacious, with easy access to the kitchen, making it  convenient to enjoy company or watch TV while preparing meals. 


The well-designed modern kitchen is compact and complete with full-sized appliances and easily accessible cabinet space. 


Comfortable, cozy bedrooms have two closets and room for your favorite bedroom furniture.


Bathrooms have handrails where needed and emergency pull cords.

Your small pet is welcome to join you in your new home. 

All of our properties include a Resident Service Coordinator, a Property Manager and Maintenance crews to insure your comfort, safety, and convenient access to local and regional resources.