The Vets

Learn more about two of the men and women who you are helping!

  • Meet Tim Buckmore, 58, a US Army Veteran who resides at Cabin in the Woods with his dog Peanut. Mr. Buckmore, who has suffered from several strokes and uses a cane and wheel chair to move around, is settling into his new home enjoying the quiet natural setting. Before moving into his cabin, Mr. Buckmore had spent the previous three years living in homeless shelters. He believes the hope that comes from a new home may have saved his life.

  • Meet Rose Savage, 55, a US Navy Veteran who resides at Cabin in the Woods. Prior to being at Cabin in the Woods Rose was living at the Betsy Ann Ross House of Hope in Augusta for 7 months. She is happy about being at Cabin in the Woods knowing that she has a roof over her head, and friendly staff to chat with. "It's like you're alone, but you're not alone. You have your independence, but a great support system as well."