Tax and Finance Assistance

Since 2007, hundreds of volunteers statewide have helped thousands of Mainers gain millions of dollars in federal and state tax refunds.

Creating Assets, Savings and Hope (CA$H) Maine is a collaboration of 10 statewide coalitions and the IRS, comprised of more than 50 nonprofit and business partners, working together to help low- and moderate-income Mainers make the most of their money. CA$H Maine offers free tax preparation to qualified filers during the tax season with IRS-certified volunteer tax preparers, and connects residents to financial education resources with volunteer asset coaches, including financial education and home-buying workshops, Family Development Accounts (FDAs) and credit counseling.

In 2013, 257 volunteers statewide helped 4,668 Mainers file their taxes, bringing more than $6.52 million in federal and state refunds back to the Maine economy. The first two of the CA$H Maine Coalitions were established in the fall of 2002 in York and Franklin counties. Now there are 10 coalitions statewide, from York to Aroostook counties. 

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