Still We Come

for the week of Oct 12, 2015

Still We Come

As we begin a new week, we are aware that there are those of us who have worked in one of our residential homes all weekend, and now find themselves exhausted and need of rest. In our exhaustion, we come.  It is possible there is some one of us today who has been ill and in need of greater physical strength.  In our illness we come. There may be someone who had an argument with another on the way to work today and feels badly.  In our sadness we come.  It is possible that there is a new employee who is worried about the job and making new friends, In our vulnerability we come.  Oh God, help us to know peace as we begin this day, this week.  May Divine love remind us that doing our best will be enough, if we trust, and that despite our limitations,we are loved, unconditionally.



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