Day One: Will You Help Us Provide Transportation for Veterans?

Twenty Days of Giving in Northern New England


By last official count, there were 127,000 veterans in Maine. There are 15 vans that transport veterans to and from the VA Hospital at Togus. The vans cover the entire state of Maine, and are driven by volunteers who undergo more than a year of rigorous applications and background checks in order to qualify as a driver. Currently there are 15 drivers in the state. This is less than a quarter of the available drivers from just 13 years ago.

Veterans in our programs have difficulty getting to medical appointments, pharmacies and grocery stores. Taxis and bus service are expensive. Volunteer Transportation Network drivers are way overbooked.

We would like to provide transportation vouchers for our veterans, to get them through the coldest months when walking is nearly impossible. Will you help us help them? Please go to


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