Yelp is at it again!

Not only are they volunteering to work at our Fay Garman House, they are also promoting a benefit sandwich.

YelpMaine last year at Bayview Heights

For the Merry Month of May, YelpMaine has partnered with Market Street Eats to promote the Smashterpiece Sammich. A portion of the proceeds from every sandwich goes to Volunteers of America. Click here to see details.

And as if that were not enough, YelpHelp volunteers will be jumping on the ferry to Peaks Island on Saturday May 6th to do a spiffy spring cleanup of the gardens and grounds. They will be assembling new cedar beds and filling them with soil, taking down former raised beds, renovating other raised beds, mulching plants, laying down plastic over mulch, etc. Click here for all the details, and to join them.

The day is sponsored by Cabot ( and I Love Snacking (

YelpMaine has been so helpful to us, and to many other organizations. They show up completely prepared to do anything, with big smiles on their faces and can't wait to get right to work. We love you YelpMaine!

Here is a link to their latest news roundup. Type "Maine" in the search box and you'll see all the projects they are working on...and the pictures are wonderful!