Yelp Helps Again and Again!

Fay Garman House, May 2017

Yelp does it again and again! Here are some wonderful words from Amanda, a championship Yelper, talking about their day on Peaks Island

"What an amazing day in the misty fog! The Gods must have known we were there to work and not get drenched because the downpour literally started as we were boarding the ferry back to Portland.

This was my second year at the Fay Garman House and YELP and VOA are becoming family. With Bill, Aviva, and Janice as our contacts to guide us through our tasks, I feel like we are really beginning to build a beautiful friendship with these folks.

In addition to the amazing time we had while volunteering, we got to walk around the island, which I had never done before, and eat delicious homemade chili.

Next year, please let me chop down that Norway Maple, and have us bring any tools you need. We are more than happy to haul and help with anything you need! Can't wait for next year!"

See all the Yelp pictures from this amazing day here: