We Rise

prayer for the week of July 3

O Great Mystery of Life and Giver of all things good, we enter this 4th of July week remembering the capacity of great good in the midst of struggle.

As we recall our forefathers and how they faced the call to Freedom with courage and resolve, we are reminded that the same human capacity dwells within us.

From time to time our human nature tells us we cannot endure; that giving up is the only option; we are not equal to the task. On this 4th of July week, even from the depths of despair oh God you call us to rise, and rise, and rise... until the day is filled once again with courage and strength.

We pray for every person who struggles to rise from despair. May they experience your love through our encouragement and deed.

Oh God we thank you for providing each of us the power to face everyday with courage and resolve.


Rev. Al