We Praise Anyway

prayer for our week

We Praise Anyway

Oh God, there are times when we feel like Job: that emotional and spiritual pain is all we know.

There are times, when just getting through an hour takes more strength than we can summon from our inner selves.

For the times we have no praise to offer; no answers for the illness of a friend; no wisdom for our beloved children; no excuse for our failure; no plan out of the impasse; no perfect words for the friend who in mourning; no wisdom in difficult conversations; feeling inadequate for the day ahead. Still, we say YES to life!

Despite a barren terrain, we experience beauty anyway; we hear music in the mountain breeze; see wonder in the stars; hope in the smile of our children; a twinkle in the eye of an elder; sunshine behind the cloud; and, stardust all around.

In the midst of it all…still we rise….we rise to praise anyway!


Rev. Al