Margaret Chase Smith House Residents Take Community Meals (and fun) Seriously

Every Month is a Celebration!

Last July, the Elsie & William Viles Foundation partnered with Volunteers of America with a grant to our Food Security for Seniors program. The funds provided monthly grocery distributions to the 44 residents of our affordable senior housing program in Augusta, the Margaret Chase Smith House.

The Elsie & William Viles Foundation's commitment to philanthropy makes a profound difference in the lives of those we serve.

Starting in January, 2016, the Paul Hazelton Houses established their own version of Let's Eat! (with the help of a local foundation and Biddeford Hannaford). It has been exciting to see this nutritional outreach program become a regular feature at both houses.

Together with Hannaford To Go, the residents take a vital role in packaging and deliver

ing food to all their fellow residents in the building.

It has been wonderful to partner with Hannaford and their To-Go program, the perfect compliment to our Let's Eat programs.

After a couple of months using "Hannaford To Go," the residents of Margaret Chase Smith House asked the Elsie & William Viles Foundation if they could take the grant in a slightly different direction and host monthly community meals.

The Viles Foundation was thrilled that the staff and residents came up with an alternative plan for the funds, still working within Food Security For Seniors guidelines. Residents participate fully each month in the meal, from planning to shopping for ingredients to preparation, setup, and cleanup.

By partnering with the Viles Foundation and Hannaford, and with the involvement of the recipients themselves, the goal of improving the health of seniors, creating food security becomes a shared responsibility of the entire community.

We want to thank The Elsie & William Viles Foundation and Hannaford To Go for partnering with Volunteers of America to improve the lives of seniors.

Because of them, Saint Patricks Day this year was a Big Celebration!