for the week of June 1, 2015


As we bow in humility and gratitude for another week filled with opportunity to serve and worship, we are grateful.  We pause in our tumbling wholeheartedly into a new week filled with family and work responsibilities to reflect and appreciate, intentionally.

As the week begins, may we meditate on that we must let go of.  Perhaps we have been trying to carry the worries of others on our shoulders, while living with our own concerns and anxieties.  All around us there may be those we love living with serious illness, hurting relationships, financial worries, job losses and so much more.  May we find strength to trust in Divine grace.  May we rest in the knowledge that we are not alone, and those we love have much capacity to survive, and thrive, despite adversity.

In our own lives, help us to let go of worry of home and work. Help us find spiritual balance and remain at peace.  When we feel hopeless in letting go of worry, negative relationships, and fear of failure, please help us.  Help us to breathe deep Your loving grace and Divine peace, throughout our day, and this week.