TD Bank Volunteers are at it Again!

13 Amazing Workers Beautify Bayview Heights Gardens

story by Bill Browning

On Tuesday, October 3, thirteen employees of T.D. Bank’s Portland office came to Bayview Heights to lend a hand. They worked from 1-3 without a break doing everything we had set out for them: weeding the outdoor beds and trimming all the vegetation, raking, edging gardens, clipping bushes, and beautifying the attractive grounds around the building, filling up over 15 bags with yard waste.

Maintenance Specialist Joe Silverio had everything ready for them when they arrived. Their work represents 24 hours of hard effort; in other words, what would have taken our staff three full days was accomplished by this group in a couple hours.

Patty Olds spoke to them about our program and many TD Bank employees expressed their admiration for what they saw.

This is the second time this year that TD Bank has sent employees to help at Bayview Heights; in May, TD Bank sent 10 employees as part of the Greater Portland Day of Caring to work on the grounds.

We are very grateful to T.D. Bank for rolling up their sleeves and giving us this gift of donated labor. Residents were pleased to visit with them and Joe Silverio has shared the following words of appreciation: “I just want to express my thanks to all the TD bank volunteers that came out to Bayview today. They did an incredible job today. Everything they did looks great. Thank you for all your help.”