Prayer from Tanzania

prayer for our week

Dear VOA Family,

May you feel energized and excited about the work you do that makes a difference in the lives of all those you serve and work with this week.

It is with a sense of humility and awe that I share a prayer sent to Volunteers Of America NNE from across the globe.

Our Ministry Team member, Don Clement, lives and labors in the nation of Tanzania, Africa. A minister he works with heard of the work we do through Don and felt compelled to offer a prayer for us and our efforts.

To think that those so less fortunate than we would feel moved to think of us and our labors is very moving.

I pray you will be reminded again that we are all one community, worldwide, and we labor together in love. I offer the comments of Don that are then followed by the prayer offered by Rev. Ulda Kibaba. May you feel appreciated and blessed as you begin your week.

Rev. Al, Chaplain

Dear Al

I received a prayer for VOA, team members, clients, and residents from Pastor Hulda Kibaba. (EAGT Church, Kitangiri, Mwanza, TZ. The Church is very poor and its members struggle to provide a better life for their children while giving much to the Church too.

Below is the prayer from a African Evangelical Christian perspective.



"Lord our God, thank you for the joy you gave us through the Holy Spirit. May your people be in joy always; whatever they do, wherever they go. Touch their soul with your joy so that they can see Blessings forever. By the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen."