Beauty in Routine

prayer for the week of July 17

O God, we begin this fresh week conscious of the daily expectations and responsibilities each of us holds.

We begin the week aware that routine is part of life.

We begin this week asking that our eyes be open to the beauty found in family and work responsibilities and the steady balance of daily routine.

Morning coffee; birds outside an open window; cars passing in the distance; neighbors' morning wave; our daily walk; watering the garden; preparing lunch for the day; children off to daycare; pet time; calendar review; meal planning; music and so much more reminds us of the gift we call life.

O God, we are grateful for the regularity of a work schedule; co-workers who show up; family who appreciate our efforts and even those who don't.

We begin a new week welcoming the joy found in stability, responsibility and the routine of life. We begin this week bubbling with joy that we show up for life as it bursts all around us, even in the dailiness of routine.