Remembering the Season

prayer for our week

Remembering the Season

O God, each in our own way, we pause to intentionally ponder the beginning of a season that holds much spiritual and religious significance for many of us.

It is also a season of shopping, giving, entertaining, stress, financial challenge, family discord, and a fear of not having enough.

We pray this morning, O God, that we each will find the time to breathe deeply, recall the persons in our lives, values we hold, and spiritual practices that keep us centered this season.

Remind us once again of the treasures that do not fade when the holiday wrapping has been removed. May we treasure health, laughter, hugs, loyalty, commitment, and deep peace that can keep us centered and in balance.

We pray that each member of our VOANNE family, both employees and residents, will experience the bond of this compassionate family of faith.


Rev. Al, Chaplain