Martin Luther King Jr

prayer for week of Jan 18

Martin Luther King Holiday Prayer

From the dailiness of our lives, we pause. From a full day's schedule of work, we take time to remember, reflect and contemplate those who have lifted the banner of human rights and compassion. In remembering, Oh God, help us to see our role in making our world more fair and just. Help us to envision and live our individual capacity to do good and love justice.

We remember that Martin Luther King was just an ordinary man, who did extra-ordinary things. When we weary in doing our work help us to see, not failure, but possibility. When we are doing our best and we are tempted to think it is not good enough, help us to accept our human limitations and celebrate feats accomplished and visions yet unrealized. May we embrace the fact that we are on an journey toward wholeness as an individual and a world.

We remember that Martin Luther King stood strong in the face of oppression and hate. As we live our values through the work we do, may we not be moved by those saying it cannot be done or ought not to be done. May we like Martin Luther King share the vision of a promised land. A world where the human family loves each other equally and without reservation.