Prayer for Labor Day

for the week beginning Sept 5th

pictured: Maud and Ballington Booth who founded Volunteers of America in 1896 with the mission to "Go wherever we are needed and do whatever comes to hand." 120 years later, we are grateful to be able to carry on their mission.

O God, we bow in gratitude for the gift of work.

For able bodies, clear minds and compassionate hearts, we are grateful that we have the ability physically, emotionally and psychologically to work. We are grateful to labor where compassion is our mission and teamwork is our standard.

O God, today, this Labor Day, we are grateful for the special team of people who make up Volunteers of America Northern New England. Bless our mission. Bless our leadership. Bless every effort of every member of this large and generous team.

Today we intentionally pause to reflect and be grateful for the work we do and the people we do it with. As we go through this day and week may we be reminded of the privilege it is to be self-sustained through meaningful work.

Amen Rev. Al, Chaplain