Inspired by Diversity

prayer for our week from Chaplain Al Boyce

O God of creation, we joyously, yet reverently, pass through the threshold of a new week. We are strong as a community because we embrace the unique differences among us as source of our greatest strength.

For the racial diversity that makes our community a richer place to work, and be present in the world, we are grateful.

For the diversity of orientation, male and female, we appreciate the individual gift that each person represents.

When ableism knocks on our door we remember the roads taken by our co-workers and residents to find their way to fulfilling and satisfying work and lives.

For those who live fulfilled lives while living with mental illness and a life of recovery, may they be aware of our sensitivity and appreciation for their daily success in the struggle.

For the religious diversity among us, we affirm spiritual diversity as a sacred trust while being a gift to our VOA family.

We are one community, diverse, varied, together, making a difference in an often unkind world. In our community of VOANNE, may our spiritual arms be locked together in solidarity for equality, respect and appreciation for difference within our ranks of work and the residents we serve.

We walk in honor this week, knowing we do so inspired by our higher selves to serve with humility and awe.

O God, we bow in humble joy inspired by Divine love that includes us all.