Assume Innocence

prayer for our week by Reverend Al Boyce

O God, with goodness all around us exemplified by loving families, friends and co-workers we begin this week desiring healthy attitudes and loving relationships.

Create in us, O God, an attitude of innocence.

When we are tempted to take a negative position; believe someone intentionally hurt us; take the failure of others as a personal affront; take us back to our loving relationship with You, reminding us that we are loved unconditionally despite our human failings.

When a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker treats us less than kindly, may we assume they are innocent of ill-will.

With a Divine spirit may we find a deeper personal peace by forgiving quickly and let go of the shortcoming.

In so doing, may our lives be filled with optimism and joy.


Rev. Al, Chaplain