We do not travel alone

for the week of Aug 10, 2015


O thou Great Mystery of Life, we bow in gratitude and awe as we enter the beauty of another day and week.  The day and week lie before us unknown.  When we are tempted to feel alone and laden with responsibility, help us keep perspective.  When Dante descended into extremely difficult times he often forgot that his true friend, Virgil, was with him.  May we look around and see so many that love and support us.  At home, may we draw on the strength of those that love us: our spouses, our parents, our children, and our friends. At work, may be remain strengthened that our CEO, our Department Chair, Our supervisors and our Peers, believe in us.  Help us O God to believe in ourselves, knowing that today Your strength and that of our loved ones, will sustain us when needed..