The Words We Speak

prayer for week of July 18

compassionate words

With gratitude we enter another week with the gift of life and meaningful work. As this week begins, O God, we are aware that we are simply human and often do not live up to the expectations of our better selves.

Today, as we start this new day and week, we pray that the words of our mouth, and meditations of our heart will be acceptable to thee, and the world around us.

We are aware of our nation's difficulty just now, when violence is seemingly present on a daily basis. We know the use of words can cause much comfort and also intense pain, anger and great regret.

Remind us O God that we do have control of what we say and the manor in which we say it, both in our homes and our places of work. When we are tempted to share words that may hurt others and cause offense, help us to travel the road of restraint.

May we lay our head on our pillows every night this week with no regret for words spoken that can never be withdrawn.