Prayer for Orlando

prayer for week of June 13

O God, when we face an insurmountable wall of emotional devastation beyond comprehension, only You can help us find our way through the days of pain to come. Our VOA family joins millions across the nation who pray for the victims, families and friends of the many who lost their lives in Orlando's senseless murder. For the first responders of police, firemen, ambulance workers we pray for them as they methodically do their grueling tasks. For the first responders of clergy and counselors, we pray Divine wisdom as they seek to help parents, sisters, brothers, find acceptance and eventual peace. When words are inadequate and we are tempted to withdraw from participating in our daily lives, give us strength to do what must be done to remain strong and keep faith in human potential. We are one nation. We are one human family. Bind us together, Oh God, with cords of compassion and caring that can never be broken.