Prayer for our Week

Moving Week

O God, we pray, see our human limitations and strengths today as we begin a week of moving and change. Be it moving our main office, or moving muscles for health sake, give us determination and fortitude to do it well with patience and grace.

O God of practical living and common sense, we are grateful for community and the acceptance we find of each other when stressed, worried and fearful. We pray today; this morning; this minute; that a deep settled peace will abound for every person despite what the day holds.

May each co-worker and family member enter this week trusting that as we pull together, and simply do our best in each endeavor, all will be accomplished with grace and joy.

Remind us again as we travel through this day and week that our time on this planet is a gift, but a moment, that offers us opportunity to experience beauty.

Open our eyes to that beauty in moving boxes and bubble wrap. Let us experience joy through the smiles and laughter of family and friends as we embrace the difficult together.