And We Remember

prayer for week of May 30

American flag against skyO God, as this week begins with Memorial Day, be with us while we remember. We bow our hearts allowing our thoughts to journey back to fond memories, and deep appreciations, for those who sacrificed their lives when the nation called them to protect and keep the nation safe. We whisper a prayer of deep gratitude.

Perhaps we have had family losses, leaving voids that feel almost impossible to bear. We pray for peace that only You can provide. O God hold each of our VOA family members who lives with loss this Memorial Day. May taking time to recall the love, laughter, wisdom provided, and acceptance received, lessen our grief knowing the results of their love remains with us still.

May we honor those who have died by embracing life fully. Help us oh God to focus on the beauty all around us this Memorial Day. May the grass be greener, the sky bluer, the rain gentler and the expressions of love be deeply felt.


Rev. Al Boyce