Graduations and New Beginnings

prayer for week of May 23

Graduations and New Beginnings

O God, we begin this week with gratitude. Gratitude that every day provides us the opportunity to begin again. In this season of graduations, promotions, and the changes they naturally demand, we ask you to be with us. Milestones and new accomplishments, may cause us concern for an unfamiliar and unknown future. Remind us that we need not journey into the unknown alone. But, in the midst of our anxiety and fear of what awaits; You are there. Go with us O God. For the children, now adults, we ask your blessing. For parents who need to let go and trust their efforts will sustain, we ask your blessing. For changes we sought: a different home; different job; different car; different work schedule; different relationships; different approach to self-care and decisions to do life differently, we thank You for these and other opportunities. Remind us that when these changes cause anxiety, we only need to face this new future one day at a time. And, You are there, every day, to sustain and strengthen. We begin this week with gratitude.


Rev. Al Boyce