Prayer for Easter Monday

Heavenly Father,

As we look to the coming of spring, we are reminded of change. Snow melting away, the foliage beginning to blossom anew again with life. With this thought in mind, I can't help but to ponder the changing of seasons in life. Each chapter brings both struggles and accomplishments. New hopes, new dreams, and new challenges to overcome. I ask you, Lord, to make our paths straight. Help us to find the joy amidst the troubles, to find peace in the storms, and to find hope when we feel like freezing. Guide our hands as we practice in our ministry of service and remind most importantly that these hard times we face are only seasons; here for a time and gone once again. Bring the joy and warmth of spring into our hearts once again; ignite in us a passion for your people as we continue on in the chapter to come. Be with us as we strive ever forward. Never let us lose sight of our goals. Remind us daily that your hands are ever present in our lives, no matter the weather. I pray these things in your heavenly name,


Josh Parsons

Member of Ministry Team