As Spring Begins

prayer for week of Mar 21


As Spring sounds more like a reality than just a faraway dream, I look forward to the gifts that await us as frozen ground gives way to a new beginning.

Every fall as the leaves turn and winter's whispers can start to be heard, we take bags of spring bulbs and plant them in our gardens with hopes of flowers. As we work the soil, adding compost to help feed the new bulbs and get them ready for a long winter's nap, we dream of the spring, when we'll start to see green leaves poking through the mulch. When those first shoots start to appear, and finally when the flowers begin to bloom, the beauty of our hard work is shared by all who see them.

Much like planting spring bulbs, the work that all of us do at Volunteers of America, nurtures and feeds the souls of the people that we help so that they can grow and share the beauty of their spirits with everyone that they meet.

Dear Lord, thank you for always giving me the strength to use your spirit to "feed the souls" of our clients, so that they can live beautiful and enriched lives, spreading their joy to those around them. In Jesus' Name, I pray.


Rev. Michael Coon