God of the First Step

prayer for our week

O God, we welcome a new day with trust.

As we pick up the responsibilities and joys of another day we remember how fortunate we are to receive the gift of life. May we embrace the gifts of life with wholehearted gratitude.

Help us address the challenges that were on our minds as we fell asleep last night with hope and perspective.

O God, remind us that we address any challenge just one step at a time. When a task seems overwhelming, give us strength to just take the first step and the second will be a bit easier and the third, easier still.

It may be that we need to call a doctor; pay taxes; catch up on a bill; have a difficult conversation with a loved one. We may fear beginning.

O God, we are all human and struggle to begin difficult tasks from time to time. Give us courage. Give us strength. Give us confidence to take the first step.