We Are Helped When Helping Others

prayer for week of Feb 8

We Are Helped When Helping Others

O God, we welcome the beauty found in another fresh fallen snow, and opportunities to find a fresh new look at life. It is our prayer this day that we may see beauty all around us by approaching life through a different lens of experience.

When our own life circumstances seem overwhelming, may we look around us and discover the healing that comes when considering others. When we are tempted to see despair, show us how truly fortunate we are. When a wave of self-pity knocks at our life's door may we find the strength to rise above it by embracing hope found in the experiences of another.

Of all we know, O God, it is that focusing only on ourselves during difficult times limits our ability to cope with life circumstances. At home, at work, and in our inner lives, give us the strength, O God, we pray, to focus on the wellbeing of others as much as on ourselves. And, in so doing, may we view our lives through a fresh new lens of possibility.