Unconditional Loving

prayer for week of Feb 15

Loving Unconditionally

We all know that loving when we do not feel loving is right. We also know it is difficult. Oh God, help us to love when it is the last thing we feel capable of doing. When we disagree with someone we love, and are tempted to harbor resentment, help us to love just the same. When someone we love struggles with a problem that affects us in a negative way, help us to love them beyond the problem. When we are tempted to give up on someone who has disappointed us, may we have enough Divine strength to see beyond the disappointment to the good. When some aspect of ourselves causes us to despair, guide us back to a tender place of patience and kindness, even to ourselves.

When the winter of life weighs us down help us to seek until we find some goodness, some beauty, some hope, some reason to be optimistic. Oh God, remind us that even the darkest of days, eventually surrender to the beauty of a new day. Help us to see beyond the coldness we feel to the warmth that will come. May our gratitude for those we love, and the world in which we live, abide with us even when it is difficult.