A New Day

prayer for week of Feb 1

Oh Great Mystery of Life, as morning light fills the sky of another day, across the affiliate, we wake to greet its beauty and possibility. We offer thanks for the opportunity to begin again. A fresh start. A new beginning.

With this fresh day, O God, help us not to dwell in yesterday but learn from it. May the yesterdays not determine our future, but instead, be part of who we will become. When we look back, help us to see the Divine hand in so much of strength needed, goals accomplished, wisdom imparted, and the peace that came in the midst of grief and loss. May we remember your love for us, found in the caring eyes of a friend, hug of a child, listening ear of a family member, or the quiet peace that was present when we should have felt nothing but pain.

May caring for the journey of others be on our hearts this morning. As we tend to our daily tasks, may our spiritual eyes be open to share a caring touch, listening ear, and kind words. As the Psalmist wrote: "may the word of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable unto thee, O Lord." Help us to know that someone today needs the encouragement we can share.

We do not know what this beautifully created day, and week, hold for us. As with our yesterdays, O God, walk with us now.