Prayer and Choices

prayer for week of Dec 7

Oh God we begin this week grateful for the power to choose.

We are all blessed with the power to choose. Yet, we do not always choose wisely. As this week begins we pray for the guidance to choose right attitudes, right actions, and right thoughts. May every member of our Volunteers of America family discover that with a prayerful and reflective attitude we might discover the best path for us on a daily basis.

We are grateful for those who choose generously and give of themselves for others. For those staff who choose the ministry of presence as a resident passes, we pray for blessing on them amidst the gratitude. For those who choose hope over despair we are grateful. For those who believe in possibility instead of failure in our efforts to help others, we are grateful. For those who refuse to give up in the face of seemingly impossible odds, we are grateful.

While our nation reels from acts of violence that shakes our nation to the core we come in gratitude that we can choose to trust You. We can choose hope over fear. Help us to be our best selves this week. Give us strength to not give in to hopelessness but hold on to possibility and the goodness of humanity.