Becoming Again

prayer for week of Dec 28

Beginning Again

Today, O God, we stop the business of life to say thank you. Thank you for a year, nearly ended, and the memories it holds. For some, it was a great year of growth and enlightenment, while for others it was fraught with loss and challenge. Perhaps, for most of us it was a variety of challenges and joys. Yet, today, on the cusp of a new year, we stand in praise and worship that Your presence was available through it all.

As we prepare to begin a new year, we again seek your presence and compassion. Help us to be better people than we were this past year. Perhaps, in reflection, we are less than happy with our attitudes; our feelings toward others; our interactions with those we love; and our love of our selves. In this coming year, as we begin anew, we pray for your Divine intervention. If we struggle with illness, may we find your strength to endure. If we are worried about finances, help us to be more prudent and careful. If we have spoken or thought ill of others, help us to see that a spark of Divinity resides in all of us. If we have been harsh with ourselves, while being patient and loving toward others, may Your grace abound allowing us to love ourselves deeply and with forgiveness.

We particularly remember our Volunteers of America mission. We pray for every person who is part of making the world a more loving, jus,t and fair place through our labors. From our CEO to the newest employee, we pray your blessing. We pray for your guidance in creating programming that will make the lives of others easier. We pray for those who labor and wonder if they are making a difference. May every employee that serves this coming year believe their lives are making a difference for good in the lives of others.

We bow in gratitude, thankful for your grace.