A Time of Gifts

prayer for week of Dec 21

A Time of Gifts

O God, as we enter another Christmas week, we honor the story of how one small child could alter history, and offer hope when the light of possibility burns low. May the lowliness of a stable remind us that Divinity can be found in the simplest of places, and among the most ordinary of circumstances. May the story of an innocent and trusting child remind us that when we feel helpless the opportunity for growth and strength can abound. May we be reminded this week that the gift of Your love makes every day one of possibility and hope.

For those who will struggle this Christmas because they grieve a loved one's passing, we remember them and pray they will feel Your love and ours. For those who have endured a health, or emotional hardship this year, we remember them and pray they will feel Your love, and ours. For those who struggle financially and wonder how they will survive another winter, we pray for a deep settled peace and a sense of security, one day at a time.

O God, this week we appreciate the gift of magic. May we see beauty in the ordinary of life. Through the eyes of magic may the stars seem brighter; the skies bluer; winter more beautiful and our hopes for better days a reality.

We pray your blessing on every member of our much loved Volunteers of America Family and all those we love.