Prayer for Enough

prayer for week of Dec 14

O God, many of us enter the threshold of another week with renewed bodies and spirits. For that, we are grateful. For those of our VOA family who have worked through the weekend, and are exhausted, we pray they will soon be refreshed and rested. For our VOA family, or their loved ones, who live with illness this week, may they feel our loving thoughts coming their way. May knowing they are loved and appreciated be enough to get them through the day and week.

As we enter this week before Christmas we pray for emotional and spiritual balance in our lives. We pray for enough. Help us to not be so caught up in holiday expectations that we come to regret our decisions and purchases after the holiday. May we embrace the truth that those we love want our presence, our laughter, our hugs, our listening ear more than huge gifts under the tree. Help us to see that we are good and loving parents, children, friends and colleagues even when we own our financial limitations.

In a world where so many are hungry, even in our own state, help us to be grateful. When we are tempted to lament what we do not have, show us that we are blessed with what we do have. Help us to see we have enough with our health, our loving families, homes, warmth, and caring friends. May each member of our VOA family come to experience Peace at this season. A Peace in our hearts that if we do what we can and appreciate the lasting gifts of life, it will be enough.