Prayer for Veteran's Day Week

prayer for week of Nov 9


For those who left family and friends behind, to follow an inner calling of serving and protecting, we pray your blessing upon them.

When one of our veterans feels lonely or alone, and pauses to reflect, may your presence sustain them.

When our veterans enter unsafe situations, O God, may they remember they are not alone, if they but remember You.

When we, family and friends, feel the emotional pain of their absence, may your love surround us. May the presence of family and friends sustain enough for us to endure the moment.

For those living with the death of a loved one due to war, be with us. Amidst the pain of loss and disillusionment we pray that somehow your Divine love will be enough to survive another day.

For our veterans who have returned from war with physical and/or emotional illnesses, grant them strength to keep going. We pray that your Divine grace will be strength to the family and friends who are care givers and supporters.

We are a family, a human family, limited yet full of possibility if we but trust in You. May Your love flow through all of us as we reach out to support, understand and be spiritually present for those in service to our country.