Passing of Seasons

We do not wait alone

Our prayer this week is offered by our first ever ministerial intern, Tom Kircher. With open hearts we welcome Tom's journey with us. May his occasional prayers throughout this year enrich and encourage each of us. Together we grow. Together we learn. Together we become.

All-Knowing God,

We see around us the changes in our world that speak of the passing of time. October's colors fading to the browns of November. Shifts in time, in the patterns of light at the start and end of our working day, a certain shift in temperature.

We recognize the seasons and the passing of one to the next. Help us to recognize that like the world around us our inner lives, too, have their seasons.

Sometimes we feel cold, frozen like a late December night. And we have to wait sometimes, perhaps watching at the stars, until we catch a bit of Spring returning.

We give you thanks that we never wait alone.

Even in the bleakest of mid-Winter nights your Christ is waiting to be born in us – your light, your life, your love – miracles we can share with you, within our hearts and in our lives.

May it be so, this day, whatever season we may find within ourselves. Amen.

Tom Kircher,

VOANNE Ministerial Intern